Lesley Aine McKeown

American Studio Art Jewelry


 List of classes available through private instruction or your school curriculum.  Please contact me for more information or class syllabus. Interested in any other techniques?  I am happy to tailor a class to your needs.  

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Etching Non-Ferrous Metals and Beyond - Learn to  etch non ferrous metals, brass, copper and German silver (nickel). Class will cover a  variety of construction techniques including hollow form, fold forming,shell forming and box construction, cold and solder connections, coloring metal and incorporation of mixed media.Beginners to advanced will learn valuable techniques to apply to any project.

Soldering Basics - Class focuses on learning the basic soldering techniques in sterling silver, brass, copper and nickel silver.  Students will learn to solder hollow forms, overlay technique and much more.

The Art of Metal Manipulation- Shell Forming, Fold forming, Scoring and more - Class delves into the fascinating world of shaping metal.  Instruction includes shell forming, fold forming, scoring, hollow forms with an intent to create a unique piece of art jewelry.

Keumboo, An Ancient Technique with Modern Applications -  Learn the amazing art of Keumboo, fusing high carat gold to sterling silver.  Class will focus on in depth understanding of this techniques and how to incorporate it into your work.  Emphasis on application to curved, textured and complicated pieces.  Will include finishing and patina.

 Cold Connections with a Twist - Learn to incorporated found objects, mixed media, cabochons and much more into your work with out soldering!  Emphasis in creative thinking and problem solving to make your work stand out!

 Tufa Casting - Learn the art of casting in Tufa stone.  Class will include preparing tufa stone from the rough material, design, casting, finishing and patina.  Creating with tufa allows you cast a unique piece with out complicated casting equipment.  Tufa casting creates a very organic, texture that will make your jewelry unique!