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Bonsho Peace Bell Pendant
I Ching Earrings
Imagine Raven Pendant
Small Imagine Raven Pendant
Imagine Raven Earrings
Bird in the Hand Pendant
Small Bird in the Hand Pendant
Small Sanskrit Earrings
Five Rings Pendant
Five Rings Earrings
Small Five Rings Pendant
Five Rings Bracelet
Zephyros - Horse Pendant
Ancient Ones Pendant
Tao Earrings
I Ching Pendant
Sazai- Japanese Wren Pendant
Sazai Earrings
Med Sazai -Wren Pendant
Small Sazai - Wren Pendant
Sazai Bracelet
Blue Bird Earrings
Akitsushima - Dragonfly Pendant
Small Dragonfly Earrings
Dragonfly Earrings
Small Dragonfly Pendant
Heavenly Crane Pendant
Crested Crane Pendant
Square Ibis Earrings
Hamsa Earrings
Tribal Bracelet
Art Saves Lives Pendant

An ethnically inspired collection in etched bronze, copper and german silver.  

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