My technical approach is simple and low-tech. I use traditional fabricating techniques and incorporate others, like the ancient Korean technique of Keumboo, to accent my work. I enjoy designing a piece and then working through the process of how to make it.    


I collect vintage tools and enjoy using them every day. I love the idea that a hammer used by another jeweler 50 years ago is making a mark on my work today. One of my favorite things is my bench, which was my father's, and I've used it for over 30 years. I consider it a talisman. I'm drawn to the unusual, and collect stones that reflect this. The vast array of beautiful material that comes from the earth remains a wonder to me. Often my designs are motivated by the stones, and complementing their beauty is all that's needed. In business since 1984, I make each piece by hand in my Prescott, Arizona studio.