2021- 2022 Class Schedule

The Makery- The Heart of the Maker


Heart of the Maker - Virtual- Online Classes

June 4- July 17, 2012 - Registration Now Open!

Heart of the Maker Retreat

October 18-28  2021 - 10 day intensive class -In-Person 

More information coming soon.

The Heart of the Maker is a unique experience that delves deep into the design

process to help build habits that will transform how you work through

a design, advance your technical skills and help identify a personal look for your work.

A four day intensive exploring creative process technique and design.

The online version is a six-week course including live virtual classes,

Office hours and an active private Facebook group.

To learn more about the Heart of the Maker Series visit: The Makery

Spring 2022

Intarisia - A New Approach to an Old Technique - Jan 21 -23, 2022

Arizona Designer Craft & Art - Tucson, AZ  

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"Heart of the Maker is nothing like any jewelry class I’ve ever taken. It is an intense, extremely personal experience. Lesley will guide you through learning how to approach design, incorporate elements that speak to you, and then help you along the way to successfully executing that design. I’ve taken both an in-person and an online class and each one opened my creative “maker heart” further than I could possibly have anticipated. If you have the opportunity to take this class, don’t hesitate. Do it!" - Pollyanna Randol

Lesley and the Heart of the Maker program helped me define the direction I wanted to go with my work and then started me down the road to accomplish that goal. She gave me the tools to think beyond the expected. I highly recommend Heart of the Maker to anyone interested in jump starting the truly creative process. -

Mary Lou McMullen



Classes available through private instruction or your school curriculum.  

Please contact me for more information or class syllabus. 


Interested in any other techniques?  

I am happy to tailor a class to your needs.  

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  • Introduction to Metal Fabrication - This class focuses on understanding design principles, the importance of drawing to help conceptualize your ideas and all extensive fabrication techniques including sawing, shaping metal, soldering, cold connections, filing, stone setting techniques and surface embellishments and finishing.  This class can be tailored to any skill level from beginner to intermediate.

  • Soldering Basics - Class focuses on learning the basic soldering techniques in sterling silver, brass, copper and nickel silver.  Students will learn to solder hollow forms, the overlay technique, and much more.

  • The Art of Metal Manipulation- Shell-forming, fold-forming, scoring and more - Class delves into the fascinating world of shaping metal. Instruction includes shell-forming, fold-forming and scoring hollow forms to create unique pieces of art jewelry.

  • Keum boo, An Ancient Technique with Modern Applications -  Learn the amazing art of Keumboo, fusing high-karat gold to sterling silver. The class will focus on an in-depth understanding of the technique and how to incorporate it into your work. Emphasis on application to curved, textured and complicated pieces. Will include finishing and patina.

  • Etching Non-Ferrous Metals and Beyond - Learn to etch non-ferrous metals, brass, copper and German silver (nickel). The class will cover a variety of construction techniques, including hollow form, fold-forming, shell-forming and box construction, cold and solder connections, coloring metal and incorporating mixed media. Beginners to advanced will learn valuable techniques to apply to any project.

  • Cold Connections with a Twist - Learn to incorporate found objects, mixed media, cabochons and much more into your work without soldering! Emphasis on creative thinking and problem-solving to make your work stand out!

  • Tufa Casting - Learn the art of casting in tufa, a very soft stone. The class will include preparing tufa from the rough material, design, casting, finishing and patina. Creating with tufa allows you cast a unique piece without complicated casting equipment. Tufa casting creates a very organic texture that will make your jewelry unique!


  • Polychrome on Metal - Application of colored pencil on metal. Class will include complete instructions on how to add colored pencils to your work and make it stay!

  • Creative Stone Setting - Creative Stone-Setting - This class will cover bezel and prong settings and address alternative techniques to adding cabochons and gemstones to your work, such as tubes, thick bezels and tension sets.

  • Stoned - Interested in adding stones to your work but don't know where to start? The lecture course discusses the fascinating world of semiprecious and precious stones, what to look for when purchasing, application considerations, and collecting.

  • Design...What? - An in depth exploration of color, shape, texture and function and their application in jewelry design - Lecture, demos, exercises and images.​

Class Descriptions

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