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Looking Forward - Spring 2021

Last year was a time of introspection, and despite the pandemic and turmoil I find silver linings everywhere (sorry for the pun). The isolation was a blessing as it forced me to focus on the small universe of my studio and garden. I indulged myself and planted new perennials, whose blooming brought me so much joy, and I worked on jewelry designs that had languished in my sketchbook for years. With the promise of warmth, light and so many new ideas, like my sleeping flowers I am rousing from the winter with a vibrant creative flow!

Four years ago I began studying the art of lapidary at our local college. Already completely obsessed with rocks since childhood, I took to it like a duck to water. Unfortunately the final semester in person was interrupted by the pandemic but online access allowed me to finish my studies.

And the ability to cut my own stones for my designs has transformed my work. Finishing up the year I was pleased to receive my certificate from the GIA Gemological Institute of America in Colored Stones.


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